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Hello, my name is

Jose Yamut, Jr.

an Application Developer @ IBM


Nintendo Switch Send To Smartphone Connection Failure

Nintendo Switch‘s Send to Smartphone feature as a way to share screenshots and videos from Album to smartphone keeps on failing to connect. 🙅 I don’t know why. I must have tried this three or four times, but each time it would fail to work. This sucks! 🙄 I have […]

Spotify Doesn’t Seem To Be Working

I had this issue with Spotify on Android Auto recently. The Spotify app was working on my phone yet somehow it would not show on my Mazda’s head unit display. Spotify was working fine on my Samsung A52 phone that time I connected it. In fact, I can still select […]

🐧 </name>

Jose (hoh-seh)

The ‘J’ is silent. It is replaced with the sound of the letter ‘h’ instead. Both the ‘o’ and the ‘e’ are short. There are no diacritics on any letter as well. This is the normal Filipino pronunciation of my name which has Spanish origins.

🌏 </places> I’ve lived in

Currently my home sweet home 💟. This bustling metropolis is the beating heart of the Philippines. Many Filipinos come here to live their dreams. Others simply because there are more opportunities than anywhere else in these 7,000 something islands.

I’m still considered a neophyte in this concrete and steel jungle that is home to over 12 million people. Having decided to stay here at the start of 2019.

I look forward to great years ahead. 🌞

One of the fondest and most unforgettable 🏆 7 years of my life so far. First times, parties, new friends, and other happy adventures. This city-state is like a utopia. Living there is like you’re in one big, wonderful theme park. You feel safe. It is clean. There are myriad things to enjoy. Your taxes are really at work! 🏅

This Lion City is beautiful as it is expensive. A diverse culture. A mix of both the east and the west. A jewel both literally and figuratively. 💎

A.k.a the Queen City of the South. This city is famous for a lot of things. It is rich in history and culture, beach resorts 🤽 🏊, scuba diving, and lechon 🐖 to name a few. Before I forget, Cebuanos are also known for not pronouncing the letter ‘L’.

The second largest city in the Philippines. I cozied there for about 6 years. Among the more memorable moments of my life have been had here. Oh, but the insane drinking sessions 🍻 🍺 on the weekends where I’d get home not remembering how I even got out of my pants and on my bed the following morning.

My home town 🏡 💙. Cagayan de Oro (CDO) is one of the more peaceful + prosperous cities in the Philippines. This place is fondly called the City of Golden Friendship. She sits in the northern part of Mindanao, and acts as a hub linking other surrounding smaller cities and towns.

What to do in CDO? Well, for starters I’d highly recommend you to try out the rapids of the Cagayan De Oro river 🌊🌊🌊. Yes, whitewater rafting is fun and something that should be in your bucket list. Take it from a Kagay-anon.

The kinilaw (a ceviche-like dish) 🐟 is also one thing you might want to whet your palates in. CDO’s take on this traditional Filipino food is very unique but does not get the popularity it deserves.

💻 </work> experience highlights

Philips PEAC (Promoter Excellence by Data Automation and Communication)

For Philips sales staff (Promoters). Allows report simplification, online training via downloadable content, user notifications, sales and inventory updates, attendance logging and location tracking.

PHP | JavaScript | MySQL | Apache HTTP Server

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) Singapore Self-Order Kiosk/Beat The Queue Mobile Application

A cashless in-store self-service ordering and payment solution. Customers can order and customize their choices at the kiosks, or from the companion mobile app.

Java | PHP | JavaScript | Microsoft SQL Server | Apache Tomcat | Apache HTTP Server


M1 eDAS Windows 8 Application / M1 eDAS Web Application Porting

DAS (Dealer Activation System), is a front-end user application for paperless transactions specifically / initially designed to run on Windows 8 tablets for M1 (Singapore telco). Later was ported over to a web app.

JavaScript | SQLite | Java | Apache Tomcat

NETS Maintenance Engineer Tracking and Digital Job Dispatch

Fault Call Management solution that integrates with NETS (Singapore payment processor) back-end system, process data to maintenance engineers via an Android tablet app. This included 2-way updates of work order states and other info, while tracking personnel location.

Java | MySQL | Red Hat JBoss EAP

🛫 </travels> and events

Singapore - Went on a yacht ride during the Holidays
Singapore - Metallica concert
Hong Kong - Off to a popular floating restaurant
South Korea - An Airbnb near to a University in Hongdae
Australia - During a Sydney Opera House guided tour
Australia - Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne
South Korea - Going up to the N Seoul Tower
Taiwan - Sky lantern @ Pingxi
somewhere southwest of Taipei with Gem
Hong Kong - Fireworks show at Disneyland
Singapore - By the river at Clarke Quay
and a great view of the Marina Bay Sands lights show
Taiwan - In front of the Lungshan Temple, Taipei with Gem
Malaysia - Underneath the famous Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur,
with another tower nearby
Vietnam - Dining on the 51st floor at Bitexco Financial Tower
in Ho Chi Minh
Hong Kong - Colorful hot air balloons
Malaysia - Batu Caves
Australia - Kangaroo feeding stopover during a guided tour
Taiwan - 23 Public bar in Taipei
Thailand - Lounging by the pool at a hotel somewhere in Krabi
Indonesia - Borobudur Temple at Yogyakarta
I think this was one Christmas Eve in Singapore.
Everyone was spraying each other with foam. 🎉🎄🍻

Wanderlust. I love to travel. It is an irony though that I am scared of flying. So the more accurate description is, “I enjoy seeing different places in person… lots of it, but not the traveling part.”. My goal is to go to as many destinations all over the world as much as I can afford. I have made it an objective to travel to a different country at least once in a year.

🎮 </play> pastime

Fond of reading and writing (+rw), but seldom has the time for both anymore. Prefer paperback. 

A former World of Warcraft (WOW) addict. Had the Dota 2 phase too. Presently deliberating on the next Nintendo Switch game to buy.

Currently satisfied on binge-ing Netflix and YouTube content, lazily sat down on a couch munching peanuts or chips.

You can read more about me at Yet Another About Me Post.

@ </social> ping me