my adobo

except for food that can be prepared in under 3 minutes, like instant pancit canton or scrambled eggs, i’ve never cooked anything like the everyday adobo. to put it in a different way, i rarely cook.

adobo, by the way, is a Philippine national dish of braised pork, chicken, or fish. the sauce or paste is made from a variety of ingredients that may include soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, and other herbs. (grabbed from Google)

i’ve always considered myself as irresponsible and dependent. now that i’ve somehow managed to leave “the nest,” i firmly believe that the first step to being independent is to learn how to cook. ok so i can do pork chops and grilled fish.. . but that’s not even cooking.

so away from home with nobody to feed me, i tried my hand at cooking with the help of a neighbor who so willingly taught me how to do the adobo. chicken adobo.. . yeah, my chicken adobo didn’t taste good.

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