at the coaxing of an officemate who wanted me to send her some files, i just got me a Skype.. . for Linux! hah! *thank you and give us more neat applications* (may be downloaded here: although i installed the RPM version. not the latest, but this will do for now. almost always, i’ll opt for anything that’s already packaged because lately i’m too lazy to compile and make an RPM out of anything myself.

so anyway, my first impression? skype seems kewl. almost. i haven’t realized its full capabilities yet but this might really come in handy one day. so far, the chat and send file feature works fine after install. the file transfer speed is amazingly fast. it’s awfully very slow when transfering files on MSN. with yahoo, it never works. the only thing that doesn’t work is the voice/call feature. oops! it’s not that it doesn’t work at all. yeah, you could call/initiate dialing and the called party sees your incoming call, but the latter doesn’t hear me. but i can hear them fine.

i wonder what i’m missing?

in the configuration there is only one option, and it’s audio, and sets the device to use to /dev/dsp. ummm.. . ok let’s not go into the technical details yet. i’ll just fiddle around with this thing later. now back to generating spreadsheets! **i have to cron this!**

***oops, my bad! skype doesn’t offer the sourcecode for download to begin with. i almost always assume tarball packages for sourcecodes.

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