flame it? bahhh.. . burn it!

(this is a sequel to my previous post entitled – flame it burgers!)

yesterday, Saturday, i finally satisfied my curiosity on a flame it! burger. unfortunately, the half-pounder burger i had didn’t live up to my expectations. the patty was thicker than the usual, with a diameter as big as that of any popular commercial burgers you’d see on the street. and that’s about the only thing you would readily notice when you take it out of the box. at least for me it was. on further inspection, the burger buns were a bit pale. it could also have used more lettuce and tomatoes in between.

i won’t even begin to pretend that i’m a burger connoisseur. no. yet i’ve had my share of burgers from different restaurants. but this time it’s not my poor taste anymore.. . give me a Big Mac anytime!

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