games on my Linux box

aside from the games that i’ve played regularly on my Linux box — scorched3D, supertux, tux racer and frozen bubble — i also have popular Windoze games in my list (note the past tense coz i haven’t played in months since i started working… ) .

either in a Linux port or through cedega, i’ve played Warcraft III, Starcraft, Quake 3 without problems. on a DotA map in WC3, one can even connect to BattleNet and play online! The one game i’ve played for many a sleepless night — Neverwinter Nights — has a game client specifically for Linux and so one doesn’t have to use cedega. Heroes of Might and Magic III also has a Linux port. i’ve always loved HOMM. yet i haven’t tried running it other than on a Windoze. one of these days i gotta get me a copy of this game. i know it’s an old one but what the heck! it’s still fun. maybe the newest HOMM will run on a Linux even if it’s only through cedega? heard it’s 3D now. Unreal Tournament, SIM City 3000, Heretic 2, Heavy Gear 2.. . these games have Linux ports as well. on Cedega’s website they list dozens and dozens of Windoze games that have been tried successfully on Linux.

also, playstation 3 is rumored to put Linux as its OS. but this news was months ago. i haven’t been up-to-date lately. sadly, the upcoming NWN 2 release this year will have no port for Linux or Mac. sucks! i hope they do make one even if it’s released at a later date or next year. NWN is my all-time favorite game.

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