i have this thing for shoes. but not really.. .Yukon

just this month i bought 2 pairs of shoes within a week’s time. one is a cream/orange Umbro, with a black-colored roundish toe, but not like that of a boot. and the other one is a black Spalding, with white stripes down the side. some pips even mistake it for an Adidas. ok i’m bad at describing things. how in the world does one describe a shoe? hehe.. .

so anyway, last January i also bought a navy blue Skechers. my second. the first one was more like an all-terrain shoe. dark blue and some gray. if i wear those i would stand almost 2 inches taller coz the soles are like that thick. Skechers, i can attest, are very durable too. the first one is still wearable and presentable up to now. and it’s been with me for like 3 years already. even more. no kidding!

i also have these dark brown shoes. the brand is Yukon. i’ve not heard of this brand before but i still bought it coz it looked very good. it was on sale at Alberto’s, Ayala Center. 20% discount if i’m not mistaken. or was it just my imagination? this was more than a year ago today. it was towards the end of May 2005 when my OJT (on-the-job training) was done and we, my good friends, on our last days here in Cebu City were looking for things to buy. i didn’t have to think twice. buying a pair of shoes was what immediately and repeatedly went flashing in my mind.

my favorite pair is my gray, square-toe Diesel. looks like the conventional Diesel’s you frequently see. it’s old. it’s very dirty. probably smells too! hahaha.. . lately i brought it to the cleaners. for 100 bucks (this is translated into Philippine Peso not the green ones) they made it look like brand new. almost. trivia: it has not been cleaned until last week since the day i bought it. 😀

the last time i went to the mall i had my eyes set on this particular Adidas shoe. maybe next month i’m gonna buy it. they’ve been coming up with really good ones. i’m through with Nike! their shoes don’t seem to be that durable.

ok.. . so basically i now have 7 pairs of shoes with me here in Cebu. i left about 3 or 4 back home in Cagayan de Oro. not that much. like i said, i have this thing for shoes.. . but not really. 😀

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