KMail not sending. ..STUPID Me!

for about a month after i had my company email address changed to one that’s more appropriate, i have not been able to send any emails through the new address using KMail.

i first blamed our ex-mail server for this. yes, it was a slow poke, but it still did its job. and ‘ex’ coz now we’re on GMail mail hosting service, or whatever it’s called. i didn’t wanna think that this was KMail’s fault. i am biased after all. hehehe.. . 🙂 so i tried sending an email using Outlook. the mail got sent! shit! i couldn’t believe it. i’ve already sent dozens of emails using KMail on my old address. this is unacceptable! so i resigned to the fact that there was something wrong with my KMail configuration. i’m still not blaming KMail. i am still biased after all.

when we finally transferred to GMail coz old man Nureal couldn’t hold it anymore, i once again endeavoured into making KMail send my mails. i still felt, and even insisted, that this was old man Nureal’s fault. configuring my KMail Sending Messages settings, this time i saw the very conspicuous Set Default button sitting last among the four buttons just beside the account listbox. No wonder i coudn’t send any mail. KMail was obediently waiting for me to specify the account on which to send it through.

I almost banged my head to the wall for my stupidity.

Hotkey = Alt + F!

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Notice: This article was published on August 13, 2006 and the content above may be out of date.