no administrator mode on kcontrol

here’s something i experienced while i upgraded my KDE version to 3.5.2.

i posted this problem on kde.newsno more admin mode on kcontrol modules . click on the link to read the original post.

i don’t know if this is only specific to my distro, mine is suse 9.3. i recently upgraded to kde 3.5.2. while everything went well on the transtition, i’ve noticed that modules in kcontrol that require root privileges will fail to ask you for a root password. meaning that the dialog will no longer show up. it will instead give you that index page that shows the list of modules under a group after hitting the administrator mode button. the modules under System Administration, like Login Manager is one example. and all modules under Yast2 w/c will require you root password. :O

the error it seems to give is this:

QLayout “unnamed” added to QVBox “m_body”, which already has a layout
kdesu: Unknown option ‘–n’.
kdesu: Use –help to get a list of available command line options.

my solution
get a copy of an older kdesu. the one i used was from KDe version 3.4.0-28.

this is not a bug brought about by this particular KDE version (3.5.2). it is caused by a patch from the packagers of the aforementioned distro (SuSE). the –n option isn’t being recognized at all. kcontrol, or kdesu when being called from kcontrol, passes this option whenever you go on administrator mode.

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