wanna go fishing?

here’s one very useful thing that i’ve just discovered recently — fish. you can use this with konquerur (KDE default filemanager). no need to install or open another application if you want to transfer, create, edit or delete files on remote computers, e.g. another computer on a LAN, or your web server @ RedPlaid. simply put, it’s very useful for managing remote files. just as long as ssh is enabled on that remote computer you’re connecting to, then everything should be ok.

fish according to Linux Online is:

It’s a protocol that stands for FIles transferred over SHell and its original implementation was developed by Pavel Machek for the Midnight Commander file manager. The KDE project incorporated into their Konqueror file manager/web browser with the advent of version 3.1.

how do you use fish? simple!


it’s just like putting http:// or ftp:// before the address of that machine where you want to connect to. pengu@example.org, obviously, is the username and hostname, respectively. /home/pengu is the home directory of user pengu. you could always change this to any other directory just as long as you can ‘read’ it. writing to it though is another matter. it depends on the privilege set on the directory.

of course, you will always be prompted for a username and password. not unless if you have the kwalletmanager (KDE wallet manager) to manage this for you.

i am just thankful for this fish. i didn’t like kbear at all, since it seems to crash my konqueror frequently, and ftp is not secure all the same. (kbear can integrate into konqueror, that’s why i used it. i really don’t want to open another application for managing files if i can do it with just one.)

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