reminder to me:

over the past 6 years i’ve installed Linux on different machines countless times. from one distro to another. one upgrade after another. most of the time it’s for desktop use only.

always, i’ve managed to secure copies of important data and valuable applications before i wiped the harddisks clean. but if there’s one thing i haven’t learned out of all those installs, it’s making backups of my applications’ customized configurations and themes. just when i’m already feeling so comfy with my Linux desktop environment, there’s always that one thing that makes me wanna upgrade into a newer version of my favorite distro (or maybe try out another one) and then i’m back to square one!

last night was not an exception (thank God this was for my office workstation, so i’m not so particular with the details). after copying important files to another harddisk, i carelessly proceeded to re-partition my disk without even thinking about saving the configurations and themes of my KDE applications. so now i have to do it all over again. but this is one of the fun things of having a Linux desktop on your comptuer. you get to do it however you like it.

so let this be a reminder to me.

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Notice: This article was published on September 4, 2006 and the content above may be out of date.