SATA drives on SLED 10

in my experience installing on a Serial ATA drive (SATA) was a problem with OpenSUSE 10.1. i can only imagine how it was with the previous versions. so the kernel gets loaded properly, some initializations happen, and then the harddisk detection part just fails. manually loading the SATA modules that came along with the installer don’t work somehow. maybe there’s a “How to Install Linux on a SATA drive” floating on the Internet somewhere. but i’m just too lazy to go search for one. i just want it to install from off the DVD installer.

a friend, however, was able to successfully install Ubuntu 6.06 on a SATA.

this was about 3 months ago.. .

today i was told by our COO to install Linux on one computer for demo purposes. (if it can’t be helped, the whole office will be migrating to Linux. i hope this won’t happen. it would be a pain in the ass to teach those pips who refuse to see beyond Windoze.) it was decided to install the evaluation copy of SLED 10 (SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop). well what do you know the drive is a SATA! i didn’t even notice it until i was “customizing” the partitions during the install. it went through the whole process very well. like i’ve had with so many successful Linux installs.


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