6750 (3 days of darkness.. .)

sounds biblical? no. seems more like a corny Pinoy movie with a subtitle!

typhoon “Milenyo” (international codename: Xangsane) just went out the door when i “went inside” Manila. this was last weekend – September 29 to October 1. for most of the time, i stayed in Makati City. the weather was ok. it rained. then it didn’t. the sun came out, albeit a bit shy.

it was crazy! aside from the usual after-the-storm scene, such as houses without rooftops, fallen billboard signs, uprooted tress and etc, there was no freakin’ electricity for 3 days. thank God the water supply wasn’t affected. it would’ve been hell already!

but then what do we have malls for? Glorietta, Greenbelt, SM Mall of Asia .. . thank you!

but most of all i’d really like to give Starbucks Coffee a big thank you. without this popular coffee shop a lot of cellphones, mine most of all, would have been rendered useless during that weekend. Why, You ask? coz i didn’t know ’til then that Starbcuks also fronted as a cellphone battery charging station during times of crisis. that’s why! nyehehehe.. . (evil laugh) not for free though. yet for 90.00 -150.00 Philippine Pesos, you can get an ice cold frappuccino or the usual “coffee served hot.” i think this is a bargain already. and as an added bonus, you could stay there for as long as you want. really.

for the 3 days that i was going in and out of Starbucks @ 6750, a lot of people were pretending to drink coffee. their real purpose for being there was to re-charge their cellphone’s battery. or maybe their laptops, PDAs, and other hi-tech gadgets. at least this was how it appeared to me.


(disclaimer: of course i’m not serious here. so to whom it may concern, please don’t sue me. i’m not bad-mouthing your store after all. it’s free publicity anyway. hehehe… of course, i patronize Starbucks. i found out that Seattle’s Best’s brewed coffee was too bland for my taste. ahem.. .)


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