another bright idea.. . (Google Buys YouTube)

A profitless Web site started by three 20-somethings after a late-night dinner party is sold for more than a billion dollars, instantly turning dozens of its employees into paper millionaires. It sounds like a tale from the late 1990’s dot-com bubble, but it happened yesterday.

Google, the online search behemoth, agreed yesterday to pay $1.65 billion in stock for the Web site that came out of that party — YouTube, the video-sharing phenomenon that is the darling of an Internet resurgence known as Web 2.0.The New York Times (click to read more.. .)

this just goes to show that all you need is one bright idea to become another Google or Bill Gates. damn! how come these guys have time to party all night and then get away with a billion-dollar idea in the morning? they got to it first, yet again, so now i’ll have to think of another (???). hahaha! somebody hit me hard on the head quick! maybe something crazy will come into this freakin’ empty noggin’ of mine. who knows, it might be another bright idea. if not, then all i’ll have is one big lump and a still empty pocket.. . not to mention a bad headache.

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