baby jose

baby jose in action (from left to right)

top: don’t disturb, i’m sleeping; look ma i got my first booger!

middle: i think i’m gonna be a model (pouty lips); or maybe i’ll just be a professional thumb-sucker

bottom: hmmm…. (deep in thought); hehehe…. (giggling)

BABY_71.jpg BABY_59.jpg

BABY_51.jpg BABY_55.jpg

BABY_40.jpg BABY_68.jpg

4D ultrasound shots of my sister’s baby, Julian Nikkos, @ around 8 months. i fondly call him baby jose because supposedly he was gonna be named Julian Jose.

baby jose will be the first nephew and newest member of the family. he is due sometime this November 2006.

i’m gonna be a Tito (Uncle) soon. hehehe.. .

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