sleeping with the enemy

heard the news already?!

“Microsoft and Novell have announced a set of broad business, legal, and technical collaboration agreements to build, market, and support a series of new solutions that will make Novell’s Linux and Microsoft’s Windows products work better together.”

“First, the two long-warring companies will create a joint research facility at which Microsoft and Novell technical experts will architect and test new software solutions and work with customers and the community to build and support these technologies. At this center, developers will focus on three major technical areas.. .” read more

there is just something fishy going on behind the Novell-Microsoft deal. while this may be good news, i just can’t help but think of their deal in a bad way.

in a nutshell, Novell and Microsoft have agreed to work together to improve the interoperability between SUSE Linux and Windows. wow, is this for real?!

in a nutshell, Microsoft can be seen as recommending SUSE Linux as the Linux of choice for those who want an Open-Source option. the monopolist is giving away its blessing to a Linux distro?!!

in a nutshell, Microsoft is assuring Novell/SUSE Linux customers (and only Novell’s customers) a guarantee that they’ll be safe from possible legal actions concerning Microsoft’s vast patent portfolio. seems like another way of saying that you have to use Novell products or “we will come after you sooner or later!” monopolizing the market, yet again, in an indirect way, huh?

what is this really, the redmond giant wanting to look good on Linux.. . to the Open-Source Community? oh boy.. . i just hope Novell is not a sucker for candies (no offense intended).


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