Araw ng Xavier Days

as redundant as it may sound, these 4 words – Araw ng Xavier Days – has been around for as long as i’ve been a student of Xavier University. Araw ng Xavier Days literally means Day of Xavier Days, or Xavier Days Day, the word araw being a Filipino term for day. so the phrase itself, obviously, is quite wrong. it is said to have originated from one student of the said school, who submitted a Filipino course requirement to write about one’s experience during the Xavier Days. since the foundation days of the school is dubbed as Xavier Days, the absent-minded student, most likely, forgot to take out days from the name. the term has stuck since then and is often used to jokingly refer to the celebration. (on a side note: it is not so much as to say that the students of this school are careless, but that everyone makes mistakes.)

riding on the popularity of the school in this region, another joke also lends itself to the “Xavier Days”. the joke extends to other schools where people would say – kanus-a inyong Xavier Days sa [NAME OF SCHOOL]? (when is the Xavier Days of […]?)” – when asking for another school’s foundation day(s).

the Xavier Day festivities, usually starts on the last Thursday of November and culminates on the first Sunday of December, in celebration of the foundation of one, if not the most, popular school in Northern Mindanao, Philippines – Xavier University, Ateneo de Cagayan. incidentally, it is also the feast of the school’s patron saint, St. Francs Xavier, who died on December 2, 1552.

this year, the Xavier Days officially starts today at 5pm, Thursday and will end on Sunday, December 2, 2006.


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