looking for Christmas

it’s already halfway through December and 10 more days before Christmas. somehow it still doesn’t seem quite right. where is She?

the Christmas decors hanging around are at a minimal, and i have hardly heard Christmas songs. one night while i was on the phone, i heard carollers singing a medley of popular holiday tunes to that big house next to our apartment. that seemed rather odd for me. only once, too, did i see a group of little kids going from one house to another, singing a carol or two, including their very own version of Jingle Bells complete with the wrong lyrics and all that. then again maybe i haven’t really been looking much or haven’t been listening well?

(ack! i just realized that i don’t have a single Christmas song in my playlist or in any of my music repos.. .)

so maybe back at home i was just used to handing out some coins (.25 cents.. .cheapskate!) or a handful of candies to kids going door to door every night. armed with a ladder, a hammer and some u-nails, every year i usually would be the one putting up the Christmas lights and decors outside the house during the end of November. by now i should have been stuffing my tummy on my 3rd or 5th Christmas party. hahaha.. .

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