be careful what you wish for

now i’d really take the saying – be careful what you wish for, it might come true – seriously. i didn’t really think i would get one this Christmas. a lot of things were in the way. first the HP laptop i had my eye on is only available in the US. second, who’s gonna bring it here if i were to purchase it there? i don’t trust the couriers and i’ll bet they’d be charging me a lot for insurance. then HP would still have to assemble the laptop and it would only be available on January 9 next year. plus i would be, sort of, forfeiting the warranty and all that since i think HP Philippines won’t honor it here.

then again my wish did and did not really come true. it came true because i got a laptop nonetheless. it didn’t because i didnt’ get the one i wanted.. . the HP Pavilion DV series.

instead i got me a Compaq Presario v3194. it’s one of the Compaq V3000 series. almost at par with the HP Pavilion DV series except for some few minor details. like for one thing, mine doesn’t have a built-in webcam. second, it doesn’t have the NVidia GeForce graphics processor. but then i’m not really a gamer. DOTA (a very popular custom Warcraft III map) perhaps, but then i have not been playing this game since 7 months ago.

my Compaq Presario v3194 runs on an Intel Core Duo T5500 @ 1.66Ghz with an FSB of 667Mhz. it has a 120GB hard drive. 512MB system memory. has a 14-inch widescreen display and a Mobile Intel 945 Express for its graphics. of course, a 8x DVD writer (dual-layer ready). has other kewl built-in features such as memory card reader (takes in my Sony Cybershot memory stick), built-in Wifi device plus Bluetooth, Altec Lansing speakers and lots more.. .

my shiny, new Compaq Presario v3194 my Compaq Presario v3194

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