create a Klonie, build your Weemee

there is this personalise option in Skype where you can “create your skype identity” by making your own avatar. you have 2 options: Create a Klonie or Build your Weemee. seemed kewl. tried it.

i built a Weemee first. this one has lots of options to customize your Weemee. from hair color, facial expression, down to shoes. but after everything was done, i was taken to a “purchase authorization” page where (you can already guess why) i have to pay about 1.50 Euros for the Weemee! weeee.. .
are you kidding me?! pay for this? so i’m a thrift. sue me! –> weemee

you can still get your Weemee for free, albeit some hacking. before you head to the purchase page hit print screen. fire up your favorite image editor, like The GIMP, and cut away anything from your Weemee. save as a PNG image. now you have your weemee.. . FREE!

the Klonie on the other hand is free.. . so far. when you’re done creating your Klonie you have to click on a button that says “Buy and Download.” oddly, it charges you 0.00 Euros. hah! now this is more like it. i’m a sucker for freebies. hehehe.. .


you have 3 choices for your Klonie: Klone, Klonie and Klonster. one thing about this is that they call it Klonie but the Klonie option shows that of a girl and everything after is girly stuff. obviously if you want a guy Klonie then your only option is Klone. A Klonster is a .. . Klonie Monster.. . what else?

how to get this? open a chat window with one of your Skype contacts. at the bottom right portion near your avatar click on the “personalise>>” button. you have several options from the drop-down menu. select Change My Picture.

if you want to change the wallpaper, choose Change Wallpaper and the widgets and panels of your entire Skype app is “wallpapered” (as the action denotes) with that image you chose. it can handle JPEG, BMP, PNG images and its own .skype format.

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