that annoying blue backround on RH9

here’s one for those who are still running Red Hat 9! (i miss my bootsplash. took me a lot of hours to compile a kernel with bootsplash support, and some more just to correctly set my custom bootsplash screen. who knows, this might come in handy?)

i badly wanted to change that annoying default blue background when X starts on my Red Hat 9? it didn’t fit my theme at all. i love black or dark themes. royal blue was so out of place when my black motif bootsplash screen ended and then that blue background comes out for a number of seconds before my black-themed KDE login screen comes out.

this is what you do to change it to the color of your choosing.

the line “xsetroot -solid ‘COLOR” sets the background color at start.

go to these files and edit accordingly. #5477A0 is the color blue.

EDIT LINE: xsetroot -solid ‘#5477A0’

EDIT LINE: /usr/X11R6/bin/xsetroot -solid “#5477A0”

Default: symbolic link to ../../xdm/Xsetup_0) <– this one is just a link to the file above

having changed all to the color i wanted, i found out that it only works for GNOME and WM. but when i shifted to KDE i still have a blue background that shows up before ksplash is loaded. editing the file below will rid you of that default blue background. /usr/bin/startkde
EDIT LINE: #test “$XDM_MANAGED” || bkg=”-solid #5477A0″


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