Community Petition: Support for Deaf Gamers

This in from Max Ryser: I was wondering if you’d do not only me, but also thousands of other deaf videogamers a favor… I’m trying to have a petition signed by as many people as possible so that I can show game developers that there IS a need for them to include at least an on/off option for subtitles in videogames/PC games.I for one think that this is a very worthwhile cause (as far as videogaming and PC gaming are concerned, of course), and it’d help tremendously if people started voicing their support for their fellow deaf gamers and game developers took notice.

And a recent update:

I got an e-mail from Cameron Ferroni at, saying that they got my e-mail and are looking into it — so that’s good, but more publicity definitely needs to be generated to really apply the pressure on Microsoft and other developers in order for the whole cause to succeed.

(text taken verbatim from you guys don’t mind, do you? in myhumble opinion, i think this is a valid petition that should be taken seriously. they need all the help they can get. hope this post helps. i feel the same way for the producers of Nevewinter Nights 2 who, since the last time i checked, will not be releasing a Linux/Mac version for this awesome game. too bad. but we, Linux Users, are just a minority after all.. .)

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