SuSE Kickoff hidden options

these options are not available in the GUI section of the KDE main menu configuration. you will have to edit some files for this to take effect. this is also not available in the pixmap-based version of Kickoff. it will only take effect when you are using the Kickoff-qstyle version.

open your favorite editor and find kickerrc. i suggest that you edit your users’s kickerrc rather than the one in the kde installation directory. it should be under the /home/YOUR_USER_NAME/.kde/share/config directory.


ScrollFlipView accepts the value of true or false. this toggles the scrolling effect in the application browser. when false, the smooth sliding animation effect is turned off.

KickoffFontPointSizeOffset takes in positive and negative values and is added to the calculated font sizes relative to your system font settings. the bigger the value the bigger the fonts. a negative value does the opposite.

KickoffSwitchTabsOnHover toggles the switching of tabs with just a mouse-over event.

KickoffTabBarFormat takes LabelAndIcon, LabelOnly and IconOnly, and sets the appearance of the tabs accordingly

do the same for ksmserverrc which should be in the same directory.


These options configures the confirmation dialogs for the “Leave” actions on Kickoff.

confirmLogoutDelay with a zero (0) value makes the corresponding confirmation box not to appear

confirmRebootDelay and confirmShutdownDelay both takes values in seconds

restart kicker for the changes to take effect. either kill/restart it or a simple dcop call should do (dcop kicker kicker restart).

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