k3b 1.0 – best Linux CD/DVD burning tool


it is great to see that one of the best Linux CD/DVD burning tool has finally gone to version 1.0. (in software development releasing an application under version 1.0 is a milestone.) it is undeniably one of my fave Linux apps. something i have to have on my KDE desktop, like amaroK. thanks to k3b, i’ve been saved dozens of failed CD/DVD writes. the interface is simple yet intuitive. back then when i first stumbled on k3b, the default settings worked for almost all my common tasks – burn data CD, burn an audio CD, re-write on a CD-RW. something that i preferred over apps that are just as capable but would require you to read tons of manuals and Linux cryptic bash-like parameters (i would have used the shell instead). back then flash disks were not as common, expensive, and can’t hold as much as CDs. so i would usually carry around data in a CD-RW written with k3b.

but enough of this already.. .

i just want to say a big Thank You to Sebastian Trueg and his team – Christian Kvasny and Gianluca Varisco – for this wonderful Linux CD/DVD burning tool.. . k3b.

below is an excerpt of Mr. Trueg’s words when k3b 1.0 was released last March 16, 2007

“I am proud to announce the release of K3b 1.0. After years and years of development, all the sweat (actually in the summer it can get sticky in front of the screen), all the tears (ok, admittedly, not that many), and all the countless hours I spent on a single application finally we have what I think is worth the big 1. K3b has come a long way since the early days in 1998 when it started as a dummy project for me to learn C++ and QT development. The reason for that (besides my hacking) is the amazing feedback I got from the open source community and especially all the KDE worshipers. Give yourself a hand. Without all of you K3b would not have lived this long.. .” – Sebastian Trueg

you can read the full story of the release here – http://k3b.plainblack.com/k3b-news/k3b-1.0-announcement. a list of the changes and additions to k3b 1.0 can be found here – http://k3b.plainblack.com/k3b-news/k3b-1/k3b-1.0-changelog. for source and binary downloads of this wonderful application go to this page – http://k3b.plainblack.com/download.

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