Windows XP: FREE 10-year support

here’s an interesting chat i recently had with this M$ marketing chick. i was asking her what Vista i should buy.. . then the chat turned from one thing to another. basically she told me that Windows XP will be supported for another 10 years or so. maybe give or take a few. woohooo! i thought i was gonna be buying a very expensive OS soon (something i am strongly against coz my Windows XP is still less than a year old and they want me to buy a new one already?! they’re crazy!). but it seems like i don’t have to buy Vista after all! however, it looks like this wouldn’t be true for the enterprise/corporate scene. they’re being forced to shift to vista. at least this is what i’ve heard.

anyway scroll down to read excerpts of the chat.. .

chat 1
chat 2
chat 3
chat 4

click on this link she gave me to read more about it, officially, from their website.. .

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