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look at this screenshot which was taken from my Kubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn. i have been using Windows XP since early December of last year. this week i couldn’t stand it anymore. i installed the Feisty Fawn on my Compaq Presario V3194. everything just works! woot! 😀

i was having a chat with my friend on Yahoo Messenger. he invited me to view his webcam and presto! i even forgot that i was on a Linux systemKubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn.

well, will you just look at that! woohooooo.. … :p it works! too bad i don’t have a webcam.. . i wonder if it would’ve worked? my good friend’s HP Pavilion dv2000 has a built in webcam. it works with ekiga.

on an aside: so what doesn’t work? hibernate isn’t working for me now. i have too little swap space. 256mb. nobody told me hibernate was gonna write to swap. didn’t ever get the idea to use hibernate until i got my laptop. hhmmm… so there’s also my built-in card reader. a quick lspci, or kinfocenter if you hate doing command line s**t, and i realized that Linux sees it. it’s not enabled though. i guess there’s some missing driver or what. goal #2! ok what else didn’t work? yahoo file transfer doesn’t work but who cares?! i can view the webcam of my chat buddies, w/c is more important for me. ahem.. . plus skype file transfer works all the time!


(using Kopete 0.12.4, KDE 3.5.6 on a Kubuntu 7.0.4 “Feisty Fawn” with an active Rain Effect from XGL – Beryl Desktop Effects)

you can get more of kopete at their official website: http://kopete.kde.org/.

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