shoutcast streams on Amarok 1.4.5

amarok-wolfit is good to know that Amarok 1.4.5 has included a lot in its default Radio Streams playlist. while before there was only Cool-Streams, now one has a wider selection of streaming music to choose from with the inclusion of Shoutcast Streams. awesome!

definitely streaming has improved much too. there is that occasional hiccup. but it is very close to being negligible. the equalizer is better. more support for media devices. etc.. .

perhaps the one thing i would like added to the next amarok release is support for the Samba protocol. while NFS is there, sadly, it is still and will very much likely always be a Windows world in the centuries to come. there is a treasure trove of music available in our office LAN. and most of my officemates just share it. the internet of yesterday and today, after all, has been all about sharing. heck why not in your own network? at least that’s how peer-2-peer and file-sharing apps and/or protocols even started, right? to bring us closer to everything and everyone. to put this context not so precisely in a phrase – “it’s a wired world.” – which reminds me of another kewl sharing thing – amarok submits the informatoin of the audio tracks you listen to for you. see that “amaroking to” on my sidebar? it’s a thing! thanks to amarok.. .

you can get more of amarok at their official website:

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