day & night

day & night

the day is always there.. .

giving him hope,

providing him with strength,

showering him with is kind.

it makes him feel that he exists.

and wherever he goes,

it is there.

its warm embrace

enveloping him

like a blanket of comfort.

somehow he finds it lacking.

and he seems to be

wanting for more.. .

looking for something else.

he finds the night alluring.

like a moth drawn to a flame,

he is.

the night beckons him.. .

calling him to come closer.

yet it is not actually doing anything.

it is just him that is drawn to the night.. .

running towards it.. .

pursuing it.

or so it seems.

and like the moth that flew

too close to the flame.. .

apparently, this too

may all go down to nothing.

but the pursuit of night is intoxicating.

like drugs,

it goes through his veins.

the beating of his heart

in a frenzied state.. .

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Notice: This article was published on May 21, 2007 and the content above may be out of date.