the flower & the bee

the flower & the bee

then the bee ventured to a meadow one day,

and there upon a gray-hued flower he chanced,

and the flower called on him to rest at her side,

that from the sun’s searing breath he may hide.

the flower looked with interest in her eyes,

startled at the bee’s seeming guise,

and spoke of an acquaintance she once had:

“i have seen you before, or was it just a dream,

for you look like someone i knew and liked, it seems?”

“there are, undoubtedly, many in this world like me,”

replied the bee,

“one would only open one’s eyes and see.

but sight is not as perfect as one may have believed,

one must be careful not to be deceived.”

“surely it is not with my sight that i decide,

and it is not much of your sight that i like.

however, it is because you are perfectly you,

or maybe because i am simply me,

and that is why i am caught up in you.”

“thank you. you are most honest and kind.

such qualities, in others, not many you’ll find.

and you are, doubtless, a pretty flower there may be.

yet, i cannot bring myself to pretend,

for doing so would only mean a lie

and may cause someone to be hurt in the end.

but one would only open one’s eyes to see

that the world is full of surprises and glee,

and i have opened my eyes and seen

other things which only my heart could discern.

soon our ways would come to part,

and time would devour these longings in our hearts.

and i have things to do and lessons to learn,

other things which only my heart could discern…”

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