yet another long weekend

this coming weekend will yet be another long weekend.  a 3-day weekend.  June 12 is a special day for the Philippines.  it is Independence Day.  and to commemorate how the country (supposedly) finally unshackled itself from the foreign invaders, the day – June 12 -has always been declared as a legal holiday. 

but the current president’s holiday of economics, which is just a way of making the people get the most out of the holidays, moves the holiday a bit earlier.  since June 12 falls on a Tuesday this year, the holiday of economics moves the holiday to June 11, Monday.  which ain’t bad at all.  one has 3 straight days of uninterrupted no-work day! 

i personally think Ms. Arroyo, the current Philippine president, made a good decision on this one.  imagine having to go to work on Monday then come back on Wednesday, since Tuesday is a holiday.  what if you got deadlines to meet and you are not able to finish it on Monday? then you’d be forced to go overtime the next day.  and this holiday of economics is not about changing the dates on which certain events in the past happened.  and in this case June 12, Independence Day, will always be June 12 no matter what!  no mere president can change that.  i am really humored by people who are upset at this holiday of economics thing. of course i don’t pretend to be a guru on this holiday of economics thing. but the thought of making the holidays more convenient for the people is great.

disclaimer: i am not in any way affiliated with the Office of the President.  i, too, am not a fan of Her Excellency, Madam President of the Philippines GMA.  in fact i don’t care about her at all.  nyahahaha.. . no offense. it is still a free country after all. or is it?

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