endangered specie

Zoo @ Singapore

Zoo @ Singapore

the closest i ever got to an elephant and a leopard.. .

guess which animal is the endangered specie in this pic.

(oops! i have been to the Manila Zoo already when i was younger. then again there were no leopards. or maybe i just missed em? but lions.. . just lions. and elephants. big ones!)

note: Photo taken by a table using a Sony Cybershot DSC-P32 on July 01, 2007 hehe :p

yet another note: and if you look closely you will see, aside from the leopard, monkeys! yes look closely behind me, idiot! anyway, if you look more closely – like click on the image and enlarge it closely – you will see 2 cigarette butts lying harmoniously side by side on the pavement. and i would just like to tell you that those are not mine. well singapore is not as obscenely spic and span as one might have heard of in stories. occasionally, you will see candy wrappers and cigarette butts, like the 2 behind me, on the streets. but all in all it remains to be ridiculously clean even in the flea markets!

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