that annoying Recovery window in OOo

picture this: you were editing some document using one application of’s office suite and suddenly it crashes! (yes it’s happened to me a few times.. .) well thank the heavens it has this Auto Recovery thing. but wait! that document you were editing wasn’t really important. it was just a test document. so before you could start OOo again, you sent the file to the trash. now you fired up OOo then that window popped out and asked you to “Press ‘Start Recovery’.. . “ button below. you followed the instructions. however, that document was already sent to the trash so recovery failed.

this is ok the first time. the second time around, errr, it’s still ok. now on the 3rd time and the 5th you start wondering if you could ever get OOo to stop doing this. a quick trip the to the Tools->Options menu tells you that there is no option to stop this behavior (at least i didn’t find any). F1 it and it is not documented at all (or at least i didn’t find any). you restore the trashed document hoping Auto Recovery will succeed and stop once and for all. no luck!

annoying ain’t it? when you know the document has already been trashed and OOo keeps on prompting you for that Recovery thing. baaah!

so a quick fix for this is to go the this directory in your home:


and delete the file named Recovery.xcu.

(replace YOUR_USERNAME with your linux username. of course you can just find this folder in your Home w/out having to type in the full path.)

voila! No More annoying Start Recovery window anymore. problem solved.

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Notice: This article was published on September 3, 2007 and the content above may be out of date.