. .. the only party i’ve had for the past month

partying has never been this crazy for me! at least not like this.. . and it is, by far, the longest one i have had. come to think of it, this is just no ordinary party. this is the party in NeverWinter Nights 2. a party of five individuals that would highly unlikely come together in times other than the extraordinary.

and so goes the party of five (in order of appearance in the game):

me: i am a warlock. a dark-skinned sun elf drow. somewhere between a fighter and an arcane practitioner. but not quite. my attacks are puny compared to even shandra. spell-casting? yeah right. an endless supply of eldritch juice that is channelled via an incantation is what i do best, but at only half the strength of a true arcane spell. phhffft!

khelgar ironfist: standing only at 4 and a half feet, this dwarf fighter hails from the ironfist clan. loves nothing but a bloody fight all the time.  out of all the things, he aspires to be a monk!

elanee: the stalker.. . err.. . druid that has been hounding.. . oOps!.. . helping me, rather, for quite some time. she is clearly a wood elf and supposedly is a hot chick for her kind. watch out! she might polymorph into some horny giant bunny.

shandra jerro: a human farm girl turned ultra kick-ass fighter and descendant to some great mage, ammon jerro.  hmmm.. . i can’t say much about her.  she follows without question.  loves to flirt.

zhjaeve: know that this is a female githzerai (an alien) cleric whose name i can’t even pronounce without getting tongue tied. did i tell you that she talks funny? like always starting out her sentences with “know that or know this.. .”, and as if that’s not enough, she had to put on that silly veil on her face.

party 1

party 2

party 3

party 4

these screenshots were taken at fort locke to recruit jacoby the armorsmith for crossroad keep. somewhere near the end of act 2.

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