if mozilla-mplayer doesn’t work on Feisty.. .

i was not able to watch the cool trailers on apple.com/trailers tonight. bummer! i’ve already installed (via apt-get) the plugin to fix this.. . no luck! googled for a fix and i find out in a matter of seconds that i’m not the only one with this problem. this one even goes way back in Edgy Eft, and Mark Shuttleworth (no offense dude!) only knows how many Ubuntu releases before. what seems to be wrong?

anyone care to try to answer this? or maybe let’s just settle for a quick fix. who cares why it works and why it doesn’t?! i just wanna watch that Iron Man trailer.

chances are, you installed the mozilla-mplayer plugin via apt-get or that GUI frontend. if it didn’t work then you’re not alone. but cheer up dude, it’s not that bad. Firefox is still the coolest browser around and Linux/Ubuntu users can still go to apple.com and definitely watch the trailers!

the fix: you’ve already installed mozilla-mplayer right? go to these places:



you should have one or both directories. inside you will see the plugins required for you to play the media streams. the files under this directory on my Kubuntu are:












what you really need are the ones (obviously) that start with mplayer. now copy these files to your .mozilla directory, specifically:

/home/USERNAME/.mozilla/plugins/, where USERNAME is your username (again, obviously).

restart Firefox and start watching!

works on SLED 10 and SUSE 9.3 as well, although i did compile from source and installed on my .mozilla/plugins directory. no more RPM or DEB package hassle.

i’m gonna clean up those redundant mplayer plugin files on different locations soon enough. but right now i just wanna watch the trailers.

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