NWN2 – playing the unplayable

NWN2. short for NeverWinter Nights 2. this is the sequel to the hit role-playing computer game NeverWinter Nights. released last 2006. this game is based on the dungeons & dragons 3.5 edition rules. i won’t say much about this game. except that it’s one of the few games that i don’t wanna miss playing.

supposedly NWN2 is not playable on my laptop. it is a compaq presario v3000 series. the CPU is an Intel Centrino core duo @ 1.667GHz. fast enough. 1.5GB memory. quite much. 120GB harddisk space. more than standard at the time it was bought. the video chipset is an Intel Mobile 945 GM Express Integrated Graphics Controller. sounds flashy, sucks actually! i don’t blame compaq or HP for the video chipset they placed on this machine. this rig was never meant for gaming. but at roughly US $ 1,500, i can’t stand not being able to play my favorite game on my only working computer that really cost me a fortune. why at this amount i could’ve bought 2 decent unbranded desktop PCs with a crazy nvidia or ati PCI-E graphics card!

now NWN2 was released around mid-2006. i only started playing NWN2 last august 2007. that’s like a year has passed before finally being able to play it! the reason, mainly, is that the specs for the graphics card that is required by this game is up there. read: the latest PCI-E video cards from nvidia and ati. and my old box only had a measly nvidia geForce 2 mx 400 on it. but mind you, i was able to play the original NWN twice on that dinosaur. when i got my compaq presario NWN2 wasn’t really on my mind that time. i just wanted a new computer and a laptop at that. my original choice was an HP dv series that had a NVIDIA(R) GeForce(R) Go 6150 graphics card. sadly it was not available in my area. ordering it from the US was too risky. the other reason was acquiring the game itself. let’s just say i was waiting for a free edition of the game.. . if you know what i mean. hehehe.. .

for more than a year i had been itching to play this game. now that i had the resources to install the game on my computer, playing it with a crappy video card was another problem.

the solution?  3D-Analyze by Tommti Systems.  part of what it does is that it will equip non-T&L cards with a software substitute.  such is the case of my crap video card.  it doesn’t have hardware T&L (transform & lighting) so NWN2 detected the lack of feature and stopped me from playing the game.  isn’t that just great eh?!   i’m playing the unplayable on my laptop!

you can download 3d-Analyze here.  run the app, check emulate HW TnL caps and then choose the NWN2 executable by pressing the Select button.  Press Run afterwards.  you should be good to go.

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