a G kind of Linux

i just heard of this new Linux distro that supposedly sold out @ Walmart.com. it’s name.. . gOS. sounds like a Mac eh? and from the screenshot, it looks like one too! but wait, all over the desktop you can already distinguish familiar icons. going over to the gOS website, you can find more subtle references to the search behemoth and its “kids”. this behemoth is no other than Google. well, the name of the distro itself starts with the letter G. is it really a coincidence that the creators of this Linux distro are in love with the color green or the letter G? i mean if it were not for Google, anyone might think that this Linux distro may have to do with something else.. . don’t you think? yikes, is this another Micro***t?

gOS Linux screenshot

but enough conspiracy theories already. i incidentally got the ISO from a good friend (the torrent was so fast, it was over in a few hours). the image ain’t that big. it’s small enough to fit into a CD (not a DVD). did i mention that it is a Live CD & installer as well? so i had it run on my PC where it took quite a long time to boot and i was staring at the greenest bootsplash for the longest time ever. wow!

first impressions? very green! ok, seriously, its lightweight. after all it is running on an Ubuntu + Enlightenment desktop manager. the UI is clean. no fancy and annoying shit like what you see on a Yahoo! page. a lot of the apps are Web-based. i mean, the dock lists gmail, googledocs, blogger, facebook, wikipedia, etc.. . c’mon how much Webby can it be? but then again i haven’t really explored everything yet. also i thought that the dock would be like the famous fish-eye dock of Mac but it ain’t . it just scrolls from side to side. which is good! you don’t want people to brand you as Mac copycats do ya? .. .you already have one of your designers who was formerly from the Apple design team.

where do you configure wireless cards anyway?

over all, it’s nice for regular users who are noobs to Linux. yes i wasn’t able to find the console. so bash me! hahaha.. . (by the way, that console-like icon next to an ipod-like icon is not a console shortcut, unfortunately. it’s Xine!)

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