disclaimer: this is a rant!

This is a good “dicslaimer” when you have to post something sensitive on your blog. Warn the readers that what they are about to read is purely a rant. Then you go bash something (or someone), perhaps swear & mock some Micro**ft product, without fear of getting ridiculed. Why? Because it is a rant. As Wikipedia defines it (rant):

A rant is a purely emotion driven speech or piece of writing that has been sparked by something so emotionally or intellectually jarring that one ignores any notion of making a well researched and calm argument. A rant directly attacks an idea, person or institution, often making few tangible claims and broad, possibly personal, attacks upon the target. While there may be some statistical or concrete information in a rant, the key ideas expressed are what the โ€˜ranterโ€™ personally feels. A rant may be in defense of an individual, idea or organization but a rant of this manner predominately occurs after said subject has been attacked by another individual or group.

Some bloke who doesn’t understand what a rant means would then go so far, for example, as to name all the superiority of Windoze over Linux starting from A up to Z. Stupid!

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