WOW Addons Without Overdoing It

I won’t lie to you. I’m basically a Noob in the World of Warcraft. But this noob has learned a thing or two in the past few months since he started playing. 😉

Basically I’m just gonna list the addons that I’ve found useful while playing WoW (Not in order of importance).

1.) Bagnon. – without this your bags are just sOooo everywhere on the screen. bagnon organizes your bags into one big one. no more guessing which bag you put in your make-up kit. LOL!

2.) Cartographer – definitely improves the default map a lot.

3.) X-Perl – prettifies your UI. the original WOW UI seems to be lacking much. your HP and/or mana bars in the original is not very informative. it makes you want to guess how much you have left, unless if you hover over the bars, w/c you don’t wanna do while in combat.

4.) Quest Helper – very nice while you’re levelling up or just questing/dailies.. . or you’re gonna spend so much time looking for it (the quest location and all)!

5.) Omen – important for raiding. tells you and all who have it installed, how much threat a raid member has on the mobs/BOSS.

6.) Mobinfo2 – this one is so obvious. it tells you important stuff about a mob. to put it more accurately, it remembers information about mobs you’ve encountered. it isn’t very helpful if you haven’t engaged that particular mob type yet. useful when trying to remember how much HP this mob has or what drops to expect.

7.) RatingsBuster – although not so complete, the information it gives is helpful enough. this one let’s you know how much you gain/lose from this item over the ones you currently have equipped. this is nice when you’re having a hard time trying to decide what to get and what to keep, or throw away, while you’re still pretty much in the days where your gear change quite often.

.. . And before I forget

8.) Outfitter – most WOW players will probably be changing gear depending on the situation. well this addon is the answer. for a warrior like me, i can easily switch from tanking gear to PVP gear at the click of a button.

Well, I hope I’ve helped the other WOW noobs out there. Enjoy!

Remember to take everything in moderation, including World of Warcraft.

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Notice: This article was published on May 20, 2008 and the content above may be out of date.