the text message.. .

it was very weird how i could clearly see the face of a classmate in college in this dream that morning. her smile was exactly as i remember it when i was still in school. she could be married now, for all i know. we were never close. no, we were not dating, nor did i have the slightest interest on her romantically. she was attractive of the sorts. definitely not my type though. we hang out with the same group of people and in places around school. that was it. so how could she end up in my dream? not to mention, in a horrible one.

this was around 6AM the other day. i’ve had some bad dreams before. but this one i’m bumping up. this was the most vivid, detailed, and currently at the top of my most horrible nightmares list. while others were in the nature of monsters and devils, this one dream only had mere humans in it. but we all know that humans are, most of the time, the scariest. they can do things nobody would even think of doing.. . be it good or bad. plus you see humans everywhere. monsters and devils tend to hide in dark places or in our imaginations. humans are real.

.. . in the dream, i was with this girl’s family. it started with everyone (and i mean like more than a dozen people) posing for the camera. how i ended up with her family, may it just be in a dream, is a total mystery. but then again, that’s how dreams are.. . she was smiling, but not at me. she was standing there in front of her whole family.

suddenly a guy from nowhere came running towards us. beads of cold-sweat all over his forehead and down the side of his face, he was obviously running from something.. . someone. almost bumping me as he went by. i could see his face. but i couldn’t picture out who it was. he was definitely representing someone i have never met before in that dream. from what i remember, he most probably was late 30s or early 40s in age. short hair. that’s all i could remember of him coz what happened next happend so fast. let’s call him X from hereon.

as X was running fast towards me, my initial reaction was to avoid him from running me over. i avoided hitting X just in time. when i turned around to see what or who was behind him, that’s when i saw these 3 faceless men. with sharp machetes drawn, the three, no doubt, had every intention to kill X. then the dream went blurry for a moment. after the blur i saw X in front of me and everyone else, while the 3 guys had already caught up with him. without hesitation, one guy raised his machete and plunged it directly into X’s chest, right where his heart would be! X screamed in pain. it was more of a scream of death. he looked at his chest where the machete was now lodged. taking hold of the machete handle, he took it out of him before he fell to his knees and to the ground. what happened after was just bloody chaos. some people from the crowd got hold of the 3 guys’ remaining machetes and were hacking the 3 with it. a head went off. so did an arm. no.. .2 arms went flying! blood was everywhere. it was gruesome.

i woke up horrified of the dream that i just had. my pulse rate was up. my heart was beating wildly. it took me a few minutes before i could will myself to calm down. that it was only a nightmare. the sun was already up by that time. the sky was aglow with the familiar white light right before the sun’s yellow beams bore through it.

my phone beeped shortly thereafter. it was the familiar ‘You Have A Text Message‘ beep. i didn’t expect this one though. . . although lately i’ve been getting text messages early in the morning. the timing of this one message was strange. and it was deeply comforting at the same time. a smile replaced the terror-stricken expression i had on my face. it felt wonderful inside. warm and fuzzy. it took some time before i fell back to sleep. but because of that one text message i knew my day was gonna be just fine.. .

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Notice: This article was published on June 25, 2008 and the content above may be out of date.