Waitin’ on the Lich King (WotLK)

5 things you can do while waiting for WotLK.

1) get as many Achievements done as possible

there are really cool achievements that you can go for. some are nonsense too. while some are easy, the rest are really hard or not yet available until WOTLK. this achievement system is a bit silly, i must think, although it is fun. i think it’s blizzard’s way to spice up the bored players who are hungry for the new content or just dismayed on the changes they have made with the release of Patch 3.0.2 last tuesday. here are some:

try falling 65 yards without dying. in Shattrath City, you will see lots of skeletal remains below the Aldor Rise area.

– add the jenkins title to your name (like it’s a surname). this is in reference to the very famous Leeroy Jenkins character of World of Warcraft.

ambassador is a title, i think, that is given to you when you get Exalted status on all of your faction’s capital cities.

2) 18-20 daily quests for that extra gold

money makes the World of Warcraft go round. you’re gonna need lots of gold once you hit level 80. we know Blizzard has a ridiculous way of rewarding its players by letting you pay huge amounts of gold for this and that. that’s how much they love us!

while 25 is the limit to doing the repeatable quests, doing the same thing again and again is just plain sickening. i’m gonna barf if i do a run on the Isle of Quel’Danas for 23 straight days and all the other repeatable quests in Outland! so ease up a bit. remember to have FUN first before everything else. this is the purpose of the game after all. so without overdoing it and taking too much of your time, 18 quests for the day is ok. it’s even too much. but i would say this would net you in a good amount of gold in the fastest and easiest way.

– Isle of Quel’Danas quests (10)

– Rediscovering Your Roots (1) * i suggest you turn this in last. before you logout, remember to turn this quest in. it’s a good way also to park your toon @ the isle for the next round of dailies

– Gaining the Advantage (1) * get it first coz you can do this while you are doing all the other dailies.

– Hellfire Peninsula quests (2) * the quest-giver is around the area of Doom Lord Kazzak

– Terrokar Forest quests (2) * the bombing and the prisoner quests

– The Multiphase survey (1) * perhaps the easiest and fastest (to complete) daily quest in Outland. ‘nuf said!

– Daily PVP (1) * this is optional and the last thing i do in my daily line-up. i do it since it’s fun and i’m hitting 2 birds with 1 stone. read: honor points + daily quest/gold. you can skip Warsong Gulch since it’s gonna take a lot of your time. if you are Horde, you have a better shot at it. also getting a win on the 3 other battlegrounds (w/e is the daily) can consume quite some time, but it should be doable in an hour. WSG is just the worst.

3) grind for honor points

Alterac Valley it is! while they have changed a few things in the recent release of Patch 3.0.2, AV is basically the same. do what you were doing before to get that win. but do it faster this time. avoid those turtles at all cost. you know how Horde loves that. get at least 2 groups with good healers to rush the DB/RH. watch those flags carefully! 2 groups to kill Capt. Balinda/Galvangar. another 3-4 people (per tower) to defend the middle towers you’ve taken. if you think the enemy is a bit ahead, and the enemy is trying to get back their towers (TP/IBT for example) you can send in some to disrupt them by taking back your towers too or getting back your base (w/c could then result to a turtle).

– don’t forget to grab the daily PVP quest before you head into your favorite battleground. that’s extra honor points plus extra gold!

4) trick or treat! it’s Hallow’s End until November 1

i think this is a better event than the previous ones i’ve experienced. i have only been playing for less than a year so i haven’t tried it all.

what’s in store?

– you get to wear silly masks/costumes for free. and it’s not just a random choice between a pirate and a ninja. just head over to the different innkeepers of Azeroth and Outland and say Trick or Treat!

– silly quests like emoting to an innkeeper. or try to put out the fire that engulfs the inn.

– assorted candies with nice stacking buffs for everyone.

– epic gear loots from the quest to find the shrine of The Headless Horseman

– and for me the trophy of this event, the The Headless Horseman’s mount. one of the best mounts out there. you can use the same one wherever you go and it adapts to your location – can fly in Outland, run only in Azeroth. it also scales with your riding skill. so those who are not yet level 70, it would seem, can get this too!

5) level an Alt (short or a slang for an alternative character)

Ok, this is far-fetched. i don’t think you can level another toon from 1-70 in the few days left before WotLK comes out. i’m sure you would be more than excited to get your current level 70 toon to level 80, aside from the new content in Northrend. so what i am referring to is that i know a lot of us have `hidden` 2nd or 3rd lowbie toons (not counting our bank toon/s) left rusting in the basement, right? some of these toons must be level 20 to 50 plus, considering how easy it is to get to those levels. it becomes hard once you hit 60. and now Blizzard has made it even easier to level from 60 to 70! so get that toon out now and level it before the Lich King arrives.. .

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