just another rant

some guys just seem to have all the fun!  whilst i am not too lacking in the `looks` department (ahem! hehehe.. .), lately i have been running out of luck.  terribly!  ok, what the freakin’ hell is happening?!

* * * * * * *

the new year came with a Bang! and more so in Cagayan de Oro City right now, even after the New Year’s revelry has already waned for the rest of the country.  the not-so-quaint, little city has been flooded for a few days now. yes, FLOODED! heavy rain. piss poor drainage.  narrow streets.  a local government that sucks badly. and a lot of dumb people without a care in the world running around.  that indeed is a recipe for disaster.

* * * * * * *

work has been very boring.  there’s this new project that’s pulled my nose out of the consoles (read: Linux terminals). yey!  but it looks too ambitious.  but it does seem promising, not to mention, legit.  well, almost legit.  almost.. . i wonder if anyone is having trouble sleeping?

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