DK = Doing Kewl

9095007wjnzyi’ve been running around as a level 80 Human Death Knight (DK) since December 3, 2008. that’s more than a month now. well, more than 2 months. i’ve had my share of Lich King 5-mans and raids, a lot from PUGs (Pick-Up Groups). over 500 emblems of heroism. quite a handful Emblems of Valor from Heroic Naxxramas, Vault of Archavon and Obsidian Sanctum PUGs. i’ve bought a Black War Mammoth from Wintergrasp for 300 stone shards. my gear ain’t the best yet. a few epics and some very good blues. while i am still running around w/ crafted gear, some are from rewards from factions with exalted status, and the rest are heroic 5-man dungeons and raids.. . over 3,700 attack power (AP) at the moment. quite good enough for raiding. i am aiming for 4,000 AP w/out gimping my other stats.

Death Knights are really fun to play with. but it’s also up to play-style. i’ve not regretted rolling one and making it as my main character (toon). it definitely is a great upgrade from a crappy warrior class which i used to play. i am, what you would call, the melee-type. i cannot stand having a sword or mace, and not using it to smash the face of the enemies (mobs). no sir! that’s why the caster-types don’t hold much allure to me. i wanna be right smack in the middle of it, holding my ground, pounding the shit out of the mobs with my big 2-hander, and making them hurt sOoo bad (evil laugh).

so what is the title about? while the Death Knight might not be the best DPSser (dps or damage per second: in-game term for damage dealers) in the World of Warcraft, i have noticed that her damage output is optimally good. any hybrid class will never be as fast as hunters, rogues or mages, pure damage-based classes, with everything made for them just to pump out a lot of it. not to brag, but in my heroic runs i’ve topped the damage meters many times. this would include raids as well. if my DPS ain’t that fast, the damage output i do is consistent. meaning, i am doing a lot of damage.

raid-wise, this DK hasn’t that much of an experience. i’ve topped 10/25 man Obsidian Sanctum and Vault of Archavon runs, doing ridiculously high damage output. my first heroic Vault of Archavon last December got me to 6th place, next to another unholy DK. it was a PUG and most of the DPSers in there were already geared to the teeth, while i was still gearing up. a noob at Naxxramas, but i’m doing very good right now, both in normal and heroic mode. topping the charts every now and then. it is a good feeling when you are dealing this much damage. then again it’s always situational. the group composition plays a huge part on your DPS, so would the boss you are up against.

one thing you should know is that DK damage isn’t about burst damage. from what i’ve experienced, you need all your diseases up to do the maximum damage potential on your target(s). this means, in long fights DKs are very effective. in AOE trash pulls where the elite mobs have high health, DKs are effective. in running/moving fights any melee DPS, i guess, would suck. but so will casters if they keep on moving around too. but there will be more caster-friendly bossess than there ever will be melee-friendly ones. something bad always happens at the feet of the boss (where you will be most of the time in fights) and melee-ers eat up a lot of it.

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