borrowed this picture from a friend in the office.  (thank you miss.. . you know who you are :P). but i did see em fat, furry, white-and-black-colored creatures, live.  biting_panda1i practically had to run up on a few ramps, skip a step or 2 up some stairs, hop into a cable car, and go around a giant balloon just to see these furballs! uhmm.. . it was almost closing time and i would have kicked myself if i didn’t get a glimpse of these magnificent animals.

i thought they were as big as polar bears.  they’re not.  it would seem odd that they are called Giant Pandas when in fact they are no bigger than an oversized pig.  perhaps there are smaller ones?

it was my first time to see pandas up close.  these cute, lovable mammals look nothing but lazy.  not that it’s bad.  i’ll bet if you were locked up in a cage you’d be doing the same thing.

there were 3.  i forgot some of their names.  one was called An An.  a female one, obviously.  just whiling away the time  on her back.  one was taking his bath in a muddy pool and getting his woolly behind all dirtied up.  the other was greedily eating what i think were bamboo leaves, for i don’t know how long.  this chubby one was pigging it out non-stop, sitting on his behind, with all the leaves raked up to his big, round tummy.  hehehe.. .  he looked hilarious!

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