FireCrash or FailFox? you choose.

for something so advanced a browser as Firefox, it certainly fails at handling javascript exceptions/errors.  it crashes a lot in its Linux version.  Konqueror, on the other hand, informs you that a certain javascript app is causing some kind of error and let’s you choose to disable it or continue. 

Kudos Konqueror! 😀

i love Firefox. but for some reason i have been very dismayed that it is doing so poorly on javascript-heavy sites.  i’ve had recurring Firefox crashes upon loading websites such as the new Yahoo! mail or Facebook, to name a few.  at some point it has crashed continuously  for 5 times when i opened such sites, that i was forced to try it on Konqueror.

well what do you know?  Konqueror warns you that a javascript is causing the application to be unusable should you continue with it, and let’s you abort the execution of such code.  superb!  but no, it doesn’t end there.  Konqueror goes on to load the site. and everything seems to be fine. sadly, i don’t like how Konqueror renders a website. it gets most of it, but some details are not.  there are some other things that Konqueror is lacking on, but i will not mention these anymore. it is still a good application.  oh well, it’s not a very popular web browser ater all, sorry to say this.  in an Apache log one would hardly see Konqueror in there.

so while there may be such a mechanism in Firefox not enabled by default (pardon my ignorance) they should just make it smart enough to auto-enable itself.  and why not?  repeating crashes for 5 times, or more, is really annoying!  on to educate myself and find this in the Firefox configuration.  who knows, it might be there?

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