another chapter

a chapter of this work-in-progress and not-so-bestselling book i am writing titled `Life` is about to end.  and soon Another Chapter will be written.  a new chapter. and i look forward into writing this new one.

this chapter, the one that is about to close, has been in the works for about 3 years.  yes, 3 not-so-long years.  it’s been Fun years.  a lot of crazy things have happened. as always, there were the ups and the downs.  oh yeah!  a straight line would have been too boring.  what with the first times, the mistakes,  the hesitations and a bit of recklessness to spice it up along the way.  but the number of successes and “yes i did its” is still heavy on the flavoring.

all in all, they were great years.  i look back at all these now and can’t help but laugh.

so what would it be like on the next chapter?  hmmm.. .

right now i really don’t know.  i feel like i should be frightened or worried.  but then i assure myself that, “hey,  it’s not like this is the first chapter.” there have been many chapters. and there will be more to come.  and the new one that is about to start is just another in this saga we call as life.  so i am excited. . . heart pounding, a big smile and all that.

by the way, it’s not my birthday.  hahaha!

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