How to make go faster

this has been around for a while.  i’m posting this on my blog because i keep on forgetting the steps.  at least i don’t have to search the web for it now.  and i’m spreading the `love` too!  hehe.. . 😛

here are the three (3) easy steps to make your start up faster.  many people find a bit slow and heavy.  this is very noticeable when you start it up.  while there is a quickstarter applet for this, i never liked to use it. it’s only eating up valuable memory.

note: before you do this, start and try to observe how fast (or slow) it initializes.  then compare the start-up time after you’ve done these steps.

Step 1 > Open up the Options dialog box. You can do this by clicking on Tools, then selecting Options from the menu as shown below.


Step 2 > Select Memory from under  There are like 5 things you can set under Memory.  Copy the ones shown in the image.  These are the advisable values.


in other How To sites, they recommend to enable the QuickStarter applet.  i don’t recommend this. in fact, i never use that applet.  i don’t know if it’s still packaged with the newer versions. it seems like that is in the older versions of  the Memory  Options in the newer versions of this wonderful office suite doesn’t have that quickstarter option.  you won’t see it anymore.  i’m using 3.0 as packaged with Kubuntu 9.04.

Last Step (3) > Go to Java Options. Make sure the checkbox is not checked.


After you’ve done these steps, click OK and you are good to go!  Exit  Start it again and see the difference these 3 simple steps make.

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