death to the Horde!

This is a real in-game experience as written by a Cajunjane of Kul Tiras, one of the premiere death knights of the raiding guild Bisdak.  The former is an officer and one of the founding members of Bisdak.  Read on.. .


One night, 5 dreary Bisdak members went to hunt spiders in the cave at AN [Azjol-Nerub]
.. and Lo! Hordes of horde were waiting in ambush!!!

Sarevok broke the tooth off the orc shaman…
.. Sygbine bit the leg of the tauren cow warrior
…Murdak death-kissed their female elf paladin
….Ascorbate ripped the skull off the undead priest
…and Cephas stripped the Knight out of their troll Death Knight.

It was a long terrible fight. The cave echoed with the awful noises of painful screams and battlecries. All around people stopped and wonder if the titans themselves have descended and laid a terrible war against the dragons. Only to find out it was the terrible screams of these valiant heroes as they tipped their glasses on their pcs, ram their keyboards hard, kicked their desks and shook their fists at the latency rate.

In the end…after several thousands of milliseconds of that awful battle..silence came. And when the dust cleared.. a lone unflagged alliance gnome came out from the corner and shouted in testament to the scene of glory depicted before him: “FTW Alliance rules!”

And there 5 men…of the clan Bisdak valiantly stood…with their shining swords and golden armors bloodied and soaked with the blood of the enemy. And all around them lie the bodies of 8 hordes. The rest flew away, terrified..never again will they try their will against our young heroes.

At last…one of the 5 spoke.


1: “Naa na tanan? Tara na. Sayang oras.”

[Translation: Is everyone here?  Let’s go. Time is running.]

2: “Ok, let’s go!”  “Unsa to sila?”

[Translation: What were they?]

3: “Ambot nag tira man so tira lang pud ko..”

[Translation: Beats me, I was just pewpewing away like everyone else..]

2: “Ah…looya oi.”

[Translation: Oh..what a pity.]

3: “Bitaw… “

[Translation: Agree…]

2: “Pa bap pls…. “

[Translation: Buffs pls….]


And our heroes walked into the lair of the spider.

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Notice: This article was published on May 13, 2009 and the content above may be out of date.