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  • this is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG).  it is the number one and the biggest in the planet in terms of subscriber base.  yes it is quite addicting to play!
  • this is not a Free to Play (F2P) game.  it is paid for, also known as Pay to Play (P2P).  about $15 a month.  relatively cheap if you are earning a steady income.  yet Blizzard Entertainment, the company behind World of Warcraft, has been very succesful on this MMORPG and has raked in tons and tons of gold.. .err dollars (US$).. . off of it.
  • being that one of the most successful game company is behind this MMORPG, and might i add, a company known for creating one of the best lores and storylines with their games, World of Warcraft follows the same tradition that Warcraft, Diablo and Starcraft did.  be that as it may, it’s never really followed in-game.  it’s just for promotional purposes in my opinion.
  • World of Warcraft has been around for over 4 years and it continues to be strong.  while it is losing customers left and right, it is gaining more everyday too.  so while it is at its peak, the game makers are making sure they get the most out of it (read: earn more money!).  hence they are adding in more features to keep the newer (noobs) players interested and happy, while the interest of those who have been playing it for some time dwindles day by day.  but this is a smart scheme.  you can’t expect people to play this forever. sooner or later someone has to stop. they can’t do anything about this, so always keep the noobs happy. they are your major cash earners anyway.
  • FOTM or Flavor of the Month is one of the basic ways they keep people interested or continue to play.  say for this month they buff up one class so much to a point that players call these classes OP.  that’s short for Over-Powered.  meaning the class is too strong it would be hard to beat them.  but what really happens is that it’s just a hype.  they only let you think that way when in fact it’s not.  the truth is, casters have been very much OP ever since.  tales and youtubes of warriors dominating are exceptions, not the rule.  any mage or warlock can decimate you with two to three spells.
  • while casters being OP is not entirely true, yes, coz pure damage dealing classes are basically favored over hybrids.  so rogues and hunters are as mean-ass as mages or warlocks.  lately the rogues have been buffed up greatly.  hunters have been toned down coz hundreds of thousands of hunter victims have QQed (cried and whined) in the official WOW forums to nerf them.  but that smile on your face won’t last long.  hunters are slowly being re-buffed again to what they once were –  the kings of battlegrounds and the kings of PVE damage.
  • perhaps the only one hybrid class that’s continuously being favored while the rest gets the nerf bat are paladins.  yes!  they have it all.  they are the true hero class.  not death knights (DK).   DKs are just FOTM.  it’s clearly a publicity stint to bring back interest to people and bring in new blood (read: more income!).  paladins excel in all areas may it be in PVE (player vs. environment) tanking, healing or damage dealing or in PVP (player vs. player). while paladin healers may not be AOE healers, they are very good with keeping your tanks alive just like any other healing class, no questions about that.  plus who doesn’t love pally power – blessings of might, kings, wisdom, etc.?
  • this is World of Warcraft, don’t be surprised if your hybrid class gets nerfed every now and then. that’s perfectly normal.  it’s been happening since the first WOW patch started.  it’s never gonna end.  that is the truth.  accept it or quit.  it’s a WOW cycle.  QQ as much as you want. they will still nerf you next patch or on a “silent fix.” the game developers clearly stated that no hybrid dps should ever be above a pure damage class’s dps.
  • don’t whine if game developers don’t like your class.  warriors have been nerfed time and again without any logical discretion.  and to state nerf when the fledgling warrior class is as weak as it was, is really an overstatement. this is World of Warcraft, favoritism is always there.
  • World of Warcraft is full of elitism.  only the top ranked guilds and the top ranked arena players get a chance at influencing the game for changes, fixes and balances.  i said chance.  developers might or might not listen to their inputs.  developers of WOW are known to be stubborn and vague to everything they say. not to mention that elitism is already being branded on the pure DPS classes.  eat that hybrids!
  • Ghost Crawler (GC) the lead game developer can be equated to a traditional politician.  he says things to appease the customers.  but  he says it in such a way, that nothing is really definite.  he’ll have you assuming things and later on will tell you that he never really said it.  instead you will end up being wrong coz you assumed things.  quite tricky.  but that’s how the game is played, just like in real-world politics.  he will also say things definitely from time to time, and then later on, will just eat his own words.  he’s been known to do that a lot.  and this is not just limited to WOW’s beloved GC, the same thing goes for any of their game developers or “blue posters.”
  • this is World of Warcraft and magic pawns might anytime.  don’t be surprised if your rogue or DK gets 2-shot by a warlock or mage.  that happens.  you also can’t kill a resto shammy.   but he/she will kill you with a totem while just healing his/her shit out of your damage. rofl!
  • Arthas was a paladin.  when he went over to the dark-side, he became The Death Knight.  perhaps when he was a paladin he was a protector of life, truth and justice, so it it normal that paladins should be able to tank and heal and DPS.  but as a death knight, Arthas was only meant to sow chaos across Azeroth. as the Lich King, he is the pure meaning of death, corruption and destruction (read: damage dealer).  death knights were never meant to tank.  Blizzard just wanted another tank to satisfy the bored warriors. plate means nothing against magic. we know that. druids can tank too, so it doesn’t mean plate wearers immediately become tanks.  fix your shit Blizzard or i dare you to make shamans and rogues tank.  rogues can have a riduculous dodge rate and give them an armor buff like droods.  shamans have shields.  if you pigeon-hole plate-wearers and shield-bringers as tanks immediately, why not include shamans as well?
  • this is World of Warcraft where everything is about nerfs and more nerfs, your definition of epic will never be the same again.  that is why people love and hate the game at the same time.  be ready for the ride of your gaming life!


World of Warcraft has evolved a lot since I last played the game. My views of the game as what I have written above is purely limited to when I was playing during that time. Back then I was a serious dungeon raider. Started as a Warrior tank in BC. Shifted to full-time DPSer on my Death Knight in WotLK. I stopped because the game burned me out and it was  no longer healthy. I resumed playing a few months after when “PandaLand” came out but only as a casual player doing quests, dailies and BGs. Oh, did I mention gardening/farming too? Eventually had to freeze my WOW subscription yet again. The game is really getting old and boring. It is an endless grind and I no longer have the patience nor the time for that.

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Welcome to the World of Warcraft! this is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG).  it is the number one and the biggest in the planet in terms of subscriber base.  yes it is quite addicting to play! this is not a Free to Play (F2P) game.  it is paid for, also known as Pay…