Controlled PVP Environments

many of the nerfs or “balancing,” as what WOW devs fondly call it, are being put out because of PVP reasons.  people QQ that class X is so OP and when a number of these complaints become substantial enough, i guess, the devs take a look on the issue with the nerf bat ready in their hands.

i was wondering how battlegrounds should be controlled instances, just as arena is somewhat controlled.  in arena, for example, you can’t use your abilities that has a 15 minute (or greater) cooldown. you can’t use potions, food buffs, elixirs and the likes, inside it too.  some things are allowed, like a lock candy or buffing up your team.  but any other external means of buffing is almost always not usable in arenas.

but arena is far from being a perfect controlled PVP environment.  one thing that should not be allowed in arena is being able to resurrect a teammate.  a resto druid did this twice in one of  our 3v3 matches.  and i was shocked and dismayed at the same time, on how this could ever be allowed to happen.  mage novas also doesn’t have a diminishing return.  there have been many instances when the mage, with its partner dead in 2v2 matches, can still proceed to demolish a double dps teams on its own.  if on a 1v1 mages can pawn any class, clearly, there is something wrong if 1v2 mages still pawn.  maybe their frost novas should be subject to longer cooldowns just like every other class.

but really, the issue here is how PVP environments should be controlled to balance the classes without affecting PVE too much.  BGs and arenas are instances.  Wintergrasp in patch 3.2, i heard, would become another instance and not a world PVP battleground that is open for all.  so if these are instances, surely something can be done.

in dungeon raids there are, and have been, many bosses that have abilities, or trigger effects, that places debuffs on the players.   General Vezax in Ulduar, for example, makes it harder for mana users by stopping their mana regen totally unless the players kill a saronite vapor.  mana users can have a bonus by standing on a shadow crash after it has crashed, but not for too long.  melee are given a disadvantage as well. their attacks become 20% slower.

if PVP environments such as battlegrounds can be like this, i think it could fix some of the issues of class imbalance.  give penalties to each class but only in battlegrounds and arenas.

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