ADSL connections on Kubuntu 9.04

What Does NOT Work

KNetworkManager can’t manage ADSL connections.  Don’t waste your time searching the web for solutions. It’s not worth it in the end.

WIDC won’t work.  I never understood what WIDC was supposed to do.  It endlessly scanned my machine and got nothing.  The configuration options is a mess as well.  It doesn’t really provide any clear options and you will just end up as confused as to how to configure your ADSL connection with KNetworkManager.

What Works

pppoeconf works out of the box most of time. Unless if your ISP really has a weird ADSL setup, then chances are, your connection won’t work if configured through this app.  The chances are slim.

The program pppoeconf should be accessible under /usr/sbin/pppoeconf on Kubuntu 9.04 and should be used with administrator or root privileges.  So use sudo on this command. By the way, this is an application that should be run on the terminal.  Get konsole or, for me, yakuake, on the ready.

Just go with the defaults.  It works fine. Once you’ve got it configured you’re good to go.

pon dsl-provider – to turn ON the  ADSL connection

poff dsl-provider – to turn OFF the ADSL connection

Again, both commands above should be used with administrator or root privileges.  Sudo is your friend!  But you shouldn’t be using these commands at all.  If everything goes right, Kubuntu Jaunty Jackalope should remember all of you your settings on the next session.  You don’t have to add anything to have your connection start automatically on boot.  Everything should already be set correctly.

Have fun surfing the web!

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Notice: This article was published on October 27, 2009 and the content above may be out of date.