Revenge Is Mine. .. or NOT?!

A “Thanksgiving experience” in World of Warcraft. ðŸĶƒ

I’ve been a sucker for WOW world events lately.  The idea of adding more titles to my toon’s name seems to be appealing.  Plus if Blizzard is being nice, they usually include a pet as a consolation once you get to do all the achievements required for the event.  But really, the real reason is the boredom you get after playing this game for too long.  Nothing is new.  As usual, Blizzard re-makes old content into new in the hopes of `suckering` in (if there is ever such a word) more noobs.  Or for this matter, older account-holders like me, to continue playing.

The quests

For this week it is the Pilgrim’s Bounty event.  Obviously in reference to the Thanksgiving holiday that is, if I’m not mistaken, celebrated with such merrymaking with family and friends in the US and Canada. 

What is it (the WOW event not the holiday)?  For one, you get to chase wild turkeys.  Like many other WOW world events, the quests sends you off into a merry-go-round between your faction’s capital cities. You also get to visit the enemy’s capital cities or within their territories.  For what is a world event without that interaction, even a little, with the enemy faction.  Oh, and you get to cook 4, or 5, new gourmets and make a turkey out of any rogue too!  (Sorry for those who didn’t level their cooking skills.)

So off I went like a noob, running around the forest on a wild turkey hunt, etc, etc…. In one of the Pilgrim’s Bounty quests I was directed to go to an enemy city to do something stupid. Of course, that is all part of the fun and challenge. I chose to go to Undercity. There it is almost always quiet as a tomb especially during certain hours of the day. Usually it is commonplace to do these quests with a group. Not only will that make it easier to accomplish the task but with a healer around survivability is better.  

Yes I joined the Alliance side initially. For the  Alliance! So foo you Horde scums! 😝 Kidding! For what is the Alliance without the Horde and vice versa? ⚔

The story

Going back to the story… having sat at the buffet table in Undercity as part of the To Dos, I was already heading out without attracting the attention of the city guards when this Horde warrior started attacking me. Being that I was the invader, I just ran away in the hopes that this cow will understand that I’m not interested in him.  But no.  It Mooe-ed – it was a Tauren** – and another one of his kind came along.

In my mind that time I was: WTF? Whenever I see horde within and around those buffet tables, I always extend them the courtesy by not attacking them.  Letting them finish their quest in peace.

Off I went hopping like a bunny as quickly as I could. Lucky for me they were warriors. Kind of slow. And protection spec at that. They chased me almost all the way down to Scarlet Monastery before eventually making a ghost out of me. Well not so lucky after all. But the point was to resurrect outside and as far away from the city.

I must admit I got pissed.  A little.  But what the heck, I’m not in this for PVP glory.  I got the quest done.  Mission accomplished.  After all, I am aiming for that plump turkey pet and the lame-ass title rewards.  This Death Knight (DK) then went on to do the cooking dailies in order to complete the other achievements when, lo and behold, the 2 cows who attacked me earlier were gayly strolling around Darnassus. I could not believe my eyes.

That they would be in a friendly (to my faction, not theirs) location at the same time I was was such a nice coincidence. But, oh boy, time for some action. I did not even think twice. Right when I was still armored in my PVP spec and gear after my trip to Undercity!

Two versus one

They did not seem to have noticed me or just ignored me. I engaged them before they could run off to the portal that took them outside the city. Dropped a Death and Decay spell on the ground they were on to tag them both. With my trusty pet right behind me and my gargoyle, I attacked them with all my unholy might. In hindsight I should have gone in with an Army of the Dead. This is a channeled summoning spell. It must have slipped my mind out of excitement, but then again if I did that those 2 might have escaped. Actually I think they could have, but they chose to stay and fight.

Two towering and hulking warrior foes.  Massive in build, huge health pools for tanking bosses and armored to the teeth against a puny little death knight*.  They were throwing concussion blows and shockwaves at me. One after the other. They have a lot of stuns up their combined sleeves. Shield slams, sunders and all that.  Stomp! STOMP! Oh yeah baby, bring it on! I was dancing all around them.

WOW Death Knight vs Warrior

* So I picked a female human for my Death Knight when this class was added during the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. Don’t ask me why.

One went down hard soon enough. The sound as it hit the ground was like cranberry chutney to my ears. I figured I would focus on a single Taurne first if only to at least get a score on 1 and it paid off. That time I didn’t think I could beat the 2 alone, in hand to hand combat. Darnassus is practically a deserted place too so I was not expecting any help from allies (NPCs not counted). But I continued to engage the other by spreading diseases and dropping instant area spells. Easy for a DK to do that. There was also a very high chance the 2nd Tauren won’t leave his buddy behind since a 2v1 was a pretty nice edge in their favor.

Now it’s almost even

By the time the 1st adversary who was the focus of my assault went down, I was not without so much damage. My life was waning too. It was not like they were not attacking me both at the same time. So my state was not as healthy anymore while the 2nd combatant suffered only minor injuries.  Sacrificing my ghoul, it was able to heal me enough to stay in the fight longer. Quickly refreshed defensive skills when I could. Perhaps I might have shifted to frost presence for the extra damage mitigation. With many of my offensive abilities still locked away for a time, I was just trading blows with this sword and board warrior.

ðŸĪš Tauren #2 was backing away inch by inch.  I kept on pushing, throwing strike after strike at him. Both of us were almost dead this time. If only I could summon my ghoul army. (Curse you Blizzard for not making it an instant cast!)

In the end, the 2nd warrior fell despite the scales tipped towards him from the beginning.  Well, I wasn’t left standing though. We both went down. Almost at the same time.


When I resurrected back near to where my body lay, the bodies of the 2 fallen warriors were still there. I waited around for them to come back. Axe at the ready and ghoul poised to attack. And then one warrior did return. Further away. The warrior was quickly retreating back to the portal. I ran forward and Death Gripped him just to be sure. I gladly spammed shackles of ice while pursuing to slow him down. There was a human Paladin this time that came out of nowhere.  The paladin helped but with hesitation at first. The Horde warrior died again. That makes it even for me. Sweet revenge. 😅😝

Smiling, I went away and cooked some Candied Sweet Potatoes for Gregory Tabor who was patiently waiting outside Stormwind for my return.

** Taurens are bipedal, bovine-like creatures in looks for those who don’t know. They are built big and tall, even towering over an Orc. In WOW lore, adult male taurens can easily grow as tall as 10 feet.

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